Applications and Forms

Employment Applications

Please click here for our general employment application.

Plans Review Applications

Please complete and return the Plans Review Application and return it to the Clifton Fire Protection District.

Burn Permits

Clifton Fire Protection District no longer offers open burn permits. Those permits can be found by visiting Mesa County Public Health Department


Third Rider Applications

Individuals who are interested in doing a Third Ride with the Clifton Fire Protection District must submit an initial request form for consideration. Please complete the Third Rider Application and return it and we will be in contact with you.

Open Records Request Forms

If you were a patient who was transported by Clifton Fire Protection District or their legal representative and you wish to request a copy of the Patient Care Report please complete the Patient Access Request for PHI form and return it.


If you would like a copy of a Patient Care Report and you are not the patient or their legal representative, please complete the Authorization for Release of Medical Information form and return it.


If you are a law enforcement officer and wish to obtain patient information please complete the Authorized Investigative Demand Attestation form.

Fireworks Permits

Prior to submitting your application please visit the State of Colorado's website and complete their required documentation.


Once you have completed the required State of Colorado documentation please complete and return the Clifton Fire Protection District Fireworks Permit application